Stop Saying Your Fine: Mel Robbins

I will begin this time with the statement. Nothing matters in this book, except that you take action.

Mel Robbins speaks with the voice of a life coach and motivational speaker. Following an introductory section where she details how we become stuck and why we accept feeling blah and don’t seek change, she introduces her approach.
Her approach:

First; “Stop saying your fine”. You are not won’t make progress until that is acknowledged.
Second: draw a “map” of all the steps you can take to move toward your goal. Like stepping-stones in a river, set up many small steps, moving forward.
Third: Lean forward and take action; any step on the map.  Action leads to energy, motivation and progress. And in time to achieving your goals.
Mel then goes on to give specific actions, for when: rejected, take a short rest, take the next step, act; when over whelmed, write everything down, act;  when unmotivated, concentrate on process, take a step everyday, act; when feeling like a fraud,  plug into any support you have and act;  and when feeling discouraged,  manage your energy and act.

Normally I resist motivational speakers. Problems are real, set backs are real, learned helplessness is real but Mel acknowledges these realities and gives practical useful, and most importantly action based steps to keep the reader moving forward. Her advice – Look at the map, pick an action, act. Keep taking action.

For that reason I found “Stop saying your fine” a useful addition to my library. I recommend this book to you.


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