World on Stage – Palmerston North – Eventfinda

This is exciting and a challenge for me.

For many years now my wife and I have been members of our local folk club. It is an extremely amateur group, and great fun. We have also been members of the performance group, For Folks Sake. Well now we have accepted a challenge. To perform live for six minutes as part of this. This is a challenge because we normally play with sheet music and to small groups without microphones and all of that. So I’m learning a medley of our songs by heart, and we are practicing as a group twice a week and I am practicing each day. Certainly, I will be a more experienced musician and a stronger guitar player when we perform.

Community activities like this build us and our networks, building resilience and capacity. And it is fun to accept a challenge.

World on Stage, The World on Stage is an ultimate showcase of the Manawatu …, Regent on Broadway, Palmerston North, Manawatu / Whanganui, 2 July 2016,

Source: World on Stage – Palmerston North – Eventfinda

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