Hope in the dark: Untold Histories, Wild Possibilities

Hope in the Dark: Untold Histories, Wild Possibilities.
Rebecca Solnit.
Reissued with a new forward and afterword Third edition 2016

I found this book useful. The reality is that so often when I look at the world …it is breaking down. Those that reach to improve our lot appear ineffective; the forces supporting business as usual and greed have the upper hand. Alternative stories of success are few. Those speaking for sustainability and for beauty are demoralized and overwhelmed. Rebecca’s story is more positive. Asking us to look to a steady history of success: after all children’s and women’s rights are normal now; slavery is illegal; and people in crisis, and often outside crisis, work together, in spite of worldviews that say we don’t. There is much to feel optimistic about.

This is worth remembering and celebrating. Those who resist change would like us to stare bleakly at the world and do nothing. They would like us to learn that we are helplessness. Actually we are strong.

In this short book Rebecca tells us why she still has hope. She tells the stories. Yes each individual action is resisted, change is slow, there is the danger of loss, and we do lose. But the world today is different from yesterday. Change happened, for the better. Not only worst. Her message is to remember that, to look after yourself and to do what you can. Each action is important, each action effective, part of a whole. Real. Powerful.

I recommend this book; actually I recommend all her books. This one has helped me regain a little energy. Please read it.

The photograph is an early morning sky. Dark can be beautiful.



About sustainabilityandbeauty

My passion is telling the stories of possibility, seeking a sustainable and beautiful future. My training is in science, chemistry, environmental science and teaching.
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