Climate Change: My view

Recently in New Zealand recently one of our major daily newspapers gave space to two particularly confused commentators  on the subject of climate change  (Brian Leyland and Bob Carter).   This is my view:

To those of you interested in the up to date properly validated science on climate change I suggest checking out the NASA and IPCC sites. (Look for yourself, don’t accept the word of Brian Leyland, Bob Carter and the like. I think you will be surprised at how thorough and honest the assessments are; certainly I was the first time I looked).
Arctic sea ice:
Sea level:
The most comprehensive up to date information on climate change (2014) is here:

One other point, unlike Brian, my view is not a belief. Belief is a word I reserve for religion. I accept, having studied the reports from the scientific community (and a fair bit of the confused community (Brian et al.)) that climate change is happening, humans are a major part of why it is happening, and humanity needs to get on with adjusting what we do to avoid the worst impacts. With appropriate evidence I will change my mind but the current evidence is clear that we have a problem.

Fortunately we know plenty about what to do, and can make money doing it. For example, the IPCC Working Group III and the New Economy report have both given excellent assessments on adapting and mitigating climate change (, )

If you are honestly interested/confused make sure to check the original sources from NASA and the IPCC and make up your own minds.


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My passion is telling the stories of possibility, seeking a sustainable and beautiful future. My training is in science, chemistry, environmental science and teaching.
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