The World We Made: Alex McKay’s Story from 2050

I have just finished reading “The World we Made:  Alex McKay’s Story from 2050”  By Jonathon Porritt.  Phaidon Press.

The world from 2050:  A view following the changes we made moving to sustainable ways of life. The writer is a teacher who assigned his senior class research essays on the changes since 2022.  Not the dystopian nightmare nor a utopian vision, rather solid commentary on what maybe.

The book is organized thematically: agriculture, biodiversity, economics, energy and so on.  Each section with sub-essays, including photographs, figures and sketches to illustrate, explain and entertain.  The message is serious, the required social change  will be a challenge and we can move forward from where we are now.  Opportunities for personal, community and entrepreneurial growth are central to moving in this direction.

I am particularly taken by comments made toward the end of the book, in clear contrast to the present dominant story that we are competitive individuals, the author concludes,

“Once we realized we could only combat the treat of runaway climate change by working together, as on human family, we discovered something extraordinary:  we were never ‘hard wired’ by our genetic inheritance to kill each other.  …  In fact, we are actually hard-wired to work together, to make better lives for ourselves and our families, for our friends and our ‘tribes’, and then when we can for everyone else.  We are every bit as cooperative as we are competitive, every  bit as altruistic as we are selfish.  If we are predisposed to anything, we are predisposed to empathy.”

The author goes on to conclude that,

“Empathy doesn’t work if everybody is too busy looking after number one at everybody else’s expense.  The more unequal a country is, the less content, settled and sharing its people are.  Injustice corrodes the human spirit;  it always has done, and it always will”.

I enjoyed this book, the author encouraged me to think a little differently, and he provided further information supporting the path to new social systems that are resilient, just and sustainable.   I recommend this book.

 And another  exxample of a cooperative endeavor.  My daughter is in a local performance of Evita.  Here is a photograph of the details.




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My passion is telling the stories of possibility, seeking a sustainable and beautiful future. My training is in science, chemistry, environmental science and teaching.
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