The Beauty of Passionate People

Saturday, I spent the day at the Manawatu Performing Arts Singing Contests.  I attended in the morning because my daughter was competing and so my wife and I were there supporting her. I decided to attend in the evening, to hear the adults.  I admit I had another agenda, I wanted to understand what, “Twentieth Century Art Song is.” I still have little idea, I think it is pretty much any song that is not popular music.

What I did notice was the passion and professionalism of the competitors and their pianists.   I am not used to adults, so professional and so clearly in joy. The performers were just wonderful.

I struck that beautiful passion again  yesterday. My daughter’s piano was broken. A snapped hammer. The prognosis was poor as it is old. “Not worth fixing” was the view of our normal piano tuner. We found another opinion and now the piano has a new lease of life. The, second, piano tuner, has that passion; this time for pianos and those that play them.  Now we know the piano was made in 1895.  That is old.

How can we live like this, with our passions leading us to beauty and sustainability?   I am thoughtful about this challenge.  And I am proud of my carrots.

Home grown carrots

Home grown carrots


About sustainabilityandbeauty

My passion is telling the stories of possibility, seeking a sustainable and beautiful future. My training is in science, chemistry, environmental science and teaching.
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