Easter Weekend.

Easter Weekend.

Easter in the North is time to celebrate spring: growth and beginning. Here in the South we are hunkering down as the first winter storms drench us. This is ancient;  predating Easter and civilisation. Natural cycles prevail. For me: spring is: jasmine and daphne, and autumn is the sharp chilling intensity of decay. As natural creatures we humans cannot grow indefinably we need to pull back, to consolidate and to shed.

This Wednesday Sarah Laurie, a life coach, wrote in the Dominion Post news paper,  she writes of the ways to make this time a time of fresh starts.

The curious point is many of the “starts” are “stops”, invitations to slow down, to take stock; to change direction. From the 24 Sarah listed, here are three, inviting us to centre and pull back, and to acknowledge loss:

Habits: Choose a fresh start: What to stop? What to keep? What to begin?
Senses: Pause. Appreciate our sensual world: touch, scent, sound, vision, taste; stillness and beauty. Passion.
Meditation: Enjoy the time. Be still and breath. Calm the body. Calm the mind. Bring awareness forward to the senses. Breath clearly through the nose. Sense.

Full life requires cycles. As we change seasons, let’s pause, take a deep breath and open our senses.

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My passion is telling the stories of possibility, seeking a sustainable and beautiful future. My training is in science, chemistry, environmental science and teaching.
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