Thoughts on the end of summer.

I have noticed these last days; the end of summer.

I have noticed: Yellow drying leaves, ripe red fruit glowing in bright sunlight. The tomatoes dying back.

I have noticed: Golden birch leaves, dull, pock marked, dried and tattered.

I have noticed: Sunflowers; drying, frayed, desiccated; orange, black and worn.

In nature, growth is followed by reversal and death. Humans think we can grow and grow. The cult idea is that we can grow forever on one finite world. In contrast sustainable systems will flow up and down, cyclic and in the cycle are stable. That is what will last.

In my thoughts these observations and thoughts join, and I remember my favourite poem; by D.H. Lawrence. Here it is: below; and a photo of my garden.

D.H. Lawrence: From Last Poems
Kissing and Horrid Strife

I have been defeated and dragged down by pain
and worsted by the evil world-soul of today.

But still I know that life is for delight
and for bliss
as now when the tiny wavelets of the sea
tip the morning light on edge, and spill it with delight
to show how inexhaustible it is:

And life is for delight, and bliss
like now when the white sun kisses the sea
and plays with the wavelets like a panther playing with its cubs
cuffing them with soft paws,
and blows that are caresses,
kisses of the soft-balled paws, where the talons are.

And life is for dread,
for doom that darkens, and the Sunderers
that sunder us from each other,
that strip us and destroy us and break us down
as the tall foxgloves and the mulleins and mallows
are torn down by dismembering autumn
till not a vestige is left, and black winter has no trace
of any such flowers;
and yet the roots below the blackness are intact:
the Thunderers and the Sunderers have their term,
their limit, their thus far and no further.

Life is for kissing and for horrid strife.
Life is for the angels and the Sunderers.
Life is for the daimons and the demons,
those that put honey on our lips, and those that put salt.
But life is not
for the dead vanity of knowing better, nor the blank
cold comfort of superiority, nor silly
conceit of being immune,
nor puerility of contradictions
like saying snow is black, or desire is evil.

Life is for kissing and for horrid strife,
the angels and the Sunderers.
And perhaps in unknown Death we perhaps shall know
Oneness and poised immunity.
But why then should we die while we can live ?
And while we live
the kissing and communing cannot cease
nor yet the striving and the horrid strife.


my garden

my garden


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My passion is telling the stories of possibility, seeking a sustainable and beautiful future. My training is in science, chemistry, environmental science and teaching.
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