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The world changed when we learned to look back at the Earth as a tiny marble in immense black. The reality of our place in the universe. Humbling.

I love the beauty and community of this. Once again, the community of space explorers and scientists and engineers who make the missions possible; and the artists who made the film. Thank you.

From the Planetary Collective:

“The Overview Effect, first described by author Frank White in 1987, is an experience that transforms astronauts’ perspective of the planet and mankind’s place upon it. Common features of the experience are a feeling of awe for the planet, a profound understanding of the interconnection of all life, and a renewed sense of responsibility for taking care of the environment.
‘Overview’ is a short film that explores this phenomenon through interviews with five astronauts who have experienced the Overview Effect. The film also features insights from commentators and thinkers on the wider implications and importance of this understanding for society, and our relationship to the environment.”

Technology Lifestyle & Culture | OVERVIEW Astronaut Documentary: #Astro #Astronaut #XTC #Space #TheWorld [Champion Since.] | Champion Since..


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