Caffeine Chemistry Coffee Cup Porcelain Cup by LLTownleyCeramic

Caffeine Chemistry Coffee Cup Porcelain Cup by LLTownleyCeramic.

What did I notice yesterday?

A coffee cup with the structure diagram of caffeine.  Cool.  When I followed the link I found a series of cups and bowls.   For: sugar, capsaicin, and so forth.  The idea links in my mind with the science-tattoos website (another place where I have seen structure diagrams).  Science lovers tattoo:  favorite molecules, favorite creatures and favorite diagrams onto their bodies.  That is a commitment to their science and the art of their science.  I am thoughtful that the beauty of the two crafts – ceramics and tattoo – comes together in this way.

In my view it is a strength that creatives have taken the scientific shorthand into a new context.  The surprise of this emphasizes the beauty of the representation.

The tattoo is caffeine.

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My passion is telling the stories of possibility, seeking a sustainable and beautiful future. My training is in science, chemistry, environmental science and teaching.
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