I found this quote a day or two ago.  I think it says a great deal.  Certainly curiosity lead Einstein on a long and beautiful quest that changed our world.  Maybe we can focus on the detailed beauty in our lives; a sun rise or set, wind in the leaves of a tree, light sparkling on water.  That is a start.  What beauty do you notice?

About sustainabilityandbeauty

My passion is telling the stories of possibility, seeking a sustainable and beautiful future. My training is in science, chemistry, environmental science and teaching.
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2 Responses to Curiosity

  1. snagglewordz says:

    A beauty that I notice in my life is human-animal interaction, specifically pets I guess. Pets do not judge, they love you and are always pleased to see you – it’s uncomplicated. Animals bring joy into people’s lives, they calm and keep company, they are quite simply a joy. In return they deserve our attention and kindness.


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